Prevent Signs of Ageing

Prevent Signs of Ageing

Prevention is the first line of defence in doing battle against ageing. There are three common ageing enemies that almost all expects agree on: sun exposure, smoking and the natural ageing process. Sun exposure causes photo-ageing (wrinkles or discolouration caused by prolonged exposure to the sun).



Two of the main rays produced by the sun are UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are short rays which cause the heat you can feel, they cause sunburn and can lead to cancer. UVA rays are longer rays, penetrating through the epidermal layer to reach your dermal level causing darkening of skin pigment leading to sun spots, dryness and wrinkles and all this completely without any symptoms. Exposure to UVA rays breaks down the skin's connective tissues, collagen and elastin (your plumpness). Destruction of these tissues results in a loss of strength and resilience in the skin, causing sagging and wrinkles.


So avoid risking your skin to cancer, burning, sagging and wrinkles by using a good quality, high SPF (sun protection factor) broad spectrum (covers by UVA's and UVB's) sun screen. Look for a high percentage of micronised zinc (physical barrier to the sun's rays - zinc also has very good healing qualities). Avoid sunscreens that contain petro chemicals, parabens or other nasty ingredients not required by your skin.


My choice is ASAP's Daily Defence Moisturiser - 100ml $39.20 - 20% off RRP at Helen's Beauty. If I were sent to a desert island and only allowed to take one product this would be the one I'd be taking. On a clean dry skin, following serums (Vitamin C & B) apply the size of pea to your face, neck, chest and back of your hands. Get this on your skin before exposing your skin to the sun's rays and replenish as necessary.


ASAP's Hydrating Lip Gloss and Mineral Makeup also contain spf15 for added protection and treatment to your skin. Slip, slop, slap, stay out of the harsh rays in the middle of the day, seek shade wherever possible and keep your beautiful skin flawless and healthy. PS don't forget the remainder of your body wherever your skin is exposed to the sun's rays.